The Six Month Fix: Adventures in Rescuing Failing Companies

The Six Month Fix: Adventures in Rescuing Failing Companies

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Acclaim for The Six-Month Fix

"Finally: a turnaround guide that explains the nontrivial difference between those who work for debtors and those who work for shareholders, and gives readers a peek at why most turnaround guys should not stay for long."
–– John Carrington, Chairman and CEO, WebSense

"Too many celebrate financial victory; too few dig into business tragedy. Ultimate success comes from saving the disasters, and this book tells exactly how."
–– Craig McCaw, Chairman, Nextel

"A solid turnaround guide from one who’s been there."
–– Peter Ueberroth, Chairman, Contrarian Fund

"Hard-hitting, practical thrusts."
–– Philip Thurston, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School

"Winning basics for sports, war, or business."
–– Don Drobny, Partner, Perot Systems

"Uncommon, in-your-face thinking that resurrects business."
–– Carole Rhoades, Vice President, Seaport Ventures

"Powerful. I reread it on trips."
–– Allan Shaw, Executive Director, MS Society

"Executives must read this."
–– Martha Demski, VP and CFO, Vical

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