Stretch! : How Great Companies Grow In Good Times and Bad

Stretch! : How Great Companies Grow In Good Times and Bad

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Praise for Stretch!

"Stretch! is an important book. It talks about growth as the lever to profits. Filled with sound, practical advice, it takes the mystery out of how to achieve extraordinary growth. Whether you are a production manager, profit center, or a corporation, this is a must-read experience."
–Whitney MacMillan, Chairman Emeritus, Cargill, Incorporated

"We have learned how to raise productivity, but we know that we cannot shrink to greatness. Now we must learn how to meet our organic growth potential. For this long-distance Olympic challenge, Deans and Kroeger prescribe an effective fitness program to help companies stretch beyond their current limits."
–Hermut Kormann, CEO, Voith AG

"One of the numerous insights in this book is that CEOs admit that their companies are able to achieve just 50 percent of their growth potential. These CEOs need a model that will enable them to capture their potential for growth–even during economic downturns. Usinga database of thousands of companies and insights from their extensive consulting experience, the authors meet this pressing need through a comprehensive four-stage model that is illustrated with interesting case studies."
–George Siedel, Williamson Family Professor of Business Administration
University of Michigan Business School

"The media and entertainment sector in North America has largely righted itself after intense industry consolidation activity. Stretch! provides a useful context for ‘what next?’–polish, swap to strengthen, or go big? We are entering a new era of strategic growth management."
–John M. Cassaday, President and CEO, Corus Entertainment Inc.

"Through numerous examples and case studies, Stretch! describes how a pattern of focus on core competencies, attention to operational detail, and an unwavering commitment supports the thesis that growth can be achieved whatever the external conditions might be. It is an enjoyable, commonsense approach to good management. An excellent companion to Winning the Merger Endgame."
–Bruce S. Chelberg, retired chairman and CEO, Whitman Corporation

"Stretch! is truly an ambitious and important work that fills a gap in current management philosophy; it is a call to arms for business leaders to focus on value-building growth. Deans and Kroeger resoundingly affirm the importance of developing a long-term strategy; their book provides a clear alternative to the deferred decision-making and tactical focus evident in many firms today. At the same time, Stretch! offers a practical road map to overcome barriers, guide growth efforts, and execute for sustained success."
–Clifford J. Porzenheim, Senior Vice President, GATX