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The Power of the Tale : Using Narratives for Organisational Success

The Power of the Tale : Using Narratives for Organisational Success

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'This book - full of stories about storytelling - contains some remarkable, real life examples of how story-telling in organisations leads to learning and dilemma resolution and how it makes possible the realisation of a vision.' Arie de Geus, Former Head of Group Planning, Royal Dutch/Shell Group and author of The Living Company

'The real power of narrative is that the threads can be interwoven to create ferocious antagonisms, happy endings and elegant syntheses. This is a book for all who would enthral others with their enterprise.' Charles Hampden-Turner, The Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge. Co-author of Riding the Waves of Culture and Building Cross-Cultural Competence.

'Tales, of the sort described in this book, are a powerful antidote to the overly analytical culture that afflicts many organisations today. Like many of the best business ideas, telling stories is both old and new. This book develops a new way to use stories to create the elusive competitive edge - a must for managers in our increasingly complex world.' DeAnne Julius, Former Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England.

'A gift to story-lovers. After an hour or so, one is entirely engrossed by this delightful book. Full of rich stories, narratives and ideas, it will appeal to the scholar, the student and the practitioner, the story-teller and the listener.' Yiannis Gabriel, School of Management, Imperial College, University of London. Author of Storytelling in Organizations.