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What's Next?: Exploring the New Terrain for Business

What's Next?: Exploring the New Terrain for Business

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From the thought leaders at Global Business Network, new views on the profound forces shaping business in the coming decade.

Who better to help us foresee how emerging trends will help shape the agenda for business in the first decade of the twenty-first century than Global Business Network, the renowned futurist think tank and strategic consulting firm, where some of the greatest minds from these fields converge and converse? In What's Next? , GBN's President, Eamonn Kelly, and its "knowledgedeveloper," Peter Leyden, weave together fresh, new insights from expansive interviews with many of the Network's key thinkers, including: Stewart Brand on civilization, Mary Catherine Bateson on cultural change, Paul Hawken on the anti-globalization movement, Esther Dyson on Russia, Kevin Kelly on thinking globally, and Francis Fukuyama on biotechnology. The result is a thought-provoking, and inspiring guide to the ideas, concepts, and forces that will influence business in an era of increasing uncertainty-and opportunity.