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The Breakthrough Zone : Harnessing Consumer Creativity for Business Innovation

The Breakthrough Zone : Harnessing Consumer Creativity for Business Innovation

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is not a gimmick…

it is not a fad…

it is grounded in sound theory but is highly readable …

BREAKTHROUGH ZONE is the new and novel way to engender innovation within an organization. 

"People become receptive when they experience new meaning and break through personally, and then translate that breakthrough into commercial innovation. This book shows how to do this, and have fun doing it."
—Adrian Hosford, BT Group Social Policy

"I was enlightened with a language, an intellectual tool kit and ultimately a transformation in my approach to communication and relationships as a result of working with Roy Langmaid and Mac Andrews – especiallyin the process of introducing and managing change. The work we did together effected a radical and profit enhancing change in processes and behaviours at a time when bancassurance was in its infancy."
—Mark Mortell, Head of Marketing & Customer Services, Bank of Ireland Lifetime

"I have worked with many many consultants… working with Breakthrough Zone is unparalleled in my experience. I can’t recommend it enough."
—Sharon Nannetti, Director Services@AMP, AMP Australian Financial Services

"What is amazing is that, using the principles of this book, both customers and staff give their enthusiastic best to the creation of the future."
—Joseph Debacq, Cabin Accommodation Director, Airbus Industries