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The Ten Keys to Successful Change Management

The Ten Keys to Successful Change Management

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The Ten Keys to Successful Change Management John Pendlebury, Beno't Grouard and Francis Meston Today's organisations need to be able to anticipate change and adapt and transform continuously and rapidly to stay ahead of the curve. Change management is a difficult art. Those responsible for it are faced with extremely complex phenomena against which traditional management methods and models are virtually useless. The objectives of this book are twofold: to describe the dynamics of change, its causes, its pitfalls and the criteria for success in a way which will help senior managers to drive their business forwards and achieve change more quickly. to present a practical way of managing change in the form of ten specific keys which unlock tools and techniques drawn from the author's extensive experience. The operational methods and dynamic vision of the change management process set out in this book makes it invaluable to any organisation embarking upon or embracing change. "Before you decide you've heard all you want about the subject of change, I recommend that you read The Ten Keys to Successful Change Management. This book can help you cope with today's frenetic pace by giving you ten practical and memorable steps for managing change. The author's systematic approach is refreshing and insightful". Les Alberthal, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer EDS Corporation.