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Non-Governmental Organizations and Rural Poverty Alleviation

Non-Governmental Organizations and Rural Poverty Alleviation

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In the 1980s NGOs were thrown into the spotlight of development thinking, but there remains a dearth of independent information on their projects in the Third World. Drawing on detailed empirical data derived from the study of 16 projects in Uganda, Zimbabwe, India and Bangladesh, this book offers an authoritative, balanced and independent report on the work done by NGOs.

Robinson and Riddell set the issues in the broad social and political context and employ a rigorous methodology, making this studythe most comprehensive and systematic to date. The book provides the first, reliable cross-country analysis of projects funded by NGOs. It broadly supports the view that financing NGO projects is money well-spent, but is not afraid to highlight specific weaknesses within the structure of the schemes. This work will appeal to academics concerned with rural development, NGOs, and to members of the public with an interest in development programs.