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India in Transition: Freeing the Economy

India in Transition: Freeing the Economy

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From gaining its independence in 1947 until only recently, India was a centrally planned economy, complete with five year plans. With the end of the Gandhi dynasty and the move to privatization of a wide range of industries, there are many changes which have and will affect the development of Indian economics. With its exploding population rate and complex political relations (both internally and with its neighbors) there are also many political complications to tie down the progress of this gigantic nation. In this work, renowned economist Jagdish Bhagwati provides a lucid overview of Indian development. His analysis places Indian development in an international political and intellectual context which is an unusual and stimulating approach. Lucid in its discussion and practical in its approach, this work is an asset to scholars and professionals in business and policymakers who need an overview of Indian development policy.