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Pigment Handbook, Properties and Economics, 2nd ed. (Pigment Handbook)

Pigment Handbook, Properties and Economics, 2nd ed. (Pigment Handbook)

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Continues the outstanding coverage of information in the field originally brought together by Temple C. Patton. Representing the expertise of international authorities in the pigment industry, it provides ready access to such topics as the physical and chemical meaning of color, the worldwide market for pigments, the properties and physical relationships of diverse pigments, and the major reasons for using certain types of pigments for particular products. In addition to the updated data in this 3 volumeset, are new material on novel organic and inorganic pigments that were not even at the research stage when the 1973 version was published. Most chapters include a new and unique section concerning the effect of the pigment under discussion on human health and on the environment. In light of recent legislative standards, these dicussions have special significance.