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Competition in European Electricity Markets: A Cross-Country Comparison

Competition in European Electricity Markets: A Cross-Country Comparison

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The issue of electricity reform has been on the agenda in Europe for a decade and remains a high priority for policymakers looking to the future. However, the performances of new electricity markets are still not clear and arouse significant controversy.

This book focuses on the diversity of electricity reforms in Western Europe, drawing evidence from ten European Union member states plus Norway and Switzerland as associate members. The contributors analyze the various ways of introducing competition in the European electricity industries, and consider both the strategies of electricity companies and their behavior in electricity marketplaces. They also offer an explanation of the differences of reforms by the institutions and the industrial structures of each country which shape the types of market rules, industrial restructuring and public service regulations which have been adopted.

As a whole, this volume will attract scholars, PhD and post-graduate students, notably those interested in energy economics, comparative institutional economics and applied industrial economics. European and non-European energy companies or regulatory authorities looking for an independent and analytical overview of European electricity markets will also find thisbook of great interest.