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Macroeconomics and Business: An Interactive Approach

Macroeconomics and Business: An Interactive Approach

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Macroeconomics and Business: An Interactive Approach provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to macroeconomics. This comprehensive text offers a model of how the macroeconomy works and of how the various sectors of the economy fit together andinfluence each other. It does so in a new, stimulating and user-friendly way, providing the students with a real understanding of macroeconomics issues. The text tackles all the key issues within macroeconomics. It also discusses the UK economy and explores the economic relationships within the European economy and between the European economy and the rest of the world; it looks at the role of international institutions, at the EU and introduces the global issues of trade and development. Finally, it provides an analysis of the core concepts of the market, price mechanism and market structures. The main features of this title are its distilled, theoretical simplicity and its interactive and participatory approach. This is achieved through the use of fully answered self-test activities and well-structured chapters, all of which include numerous questions and activities, a case study, summary of the main points and suggestions for further reading. A wealth of up-to-date statistical material is used to illustrate the various applications of the theory. These combined features make Macroeconomics and Business: An Interactive Approach an invaluable tool for students of economics, including business studies, social science and engineering and open learning students.