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Tomorrow's Markets: Global Trends and Their Implications for Business

Tomorrow's Markets: Global Trends and Their Implications for Business

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Business leaders have historically viewed social concerns as having little relevance to competition. Leaders in the social sector tend to view firms strictly as adversaries to their causes. Yet as savvy corporations and social advocates are discovering, one of the most effective ways to address many of the world’s pressing problems is to mobilize the corporate sector so that both companies and society can benefit.

This volume provides an important foundation of data that catalogs market opportunities in addressing social needs—and the payoff to successful international development. It is the first publication in which the leading indicators of world economic, environmental, and social condition have been collected specifically for an international business audience. Using colorful graphic indicators, maps, and quotable facts, the book describes nineteen global trends that are shaping future markets—in areas such as population, health, education, consumption, ecosystems, urban growth,communications, labor, democracy, and privatization—and interprets each in economic and strategic terms.

In his introductory essay, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter warns that both the corporate and social sectors will need to adopt new mindsets to deal with increasing global challenges and opportunities. He calls Tomorrow’s Markets an "invaluable tool" for understanding the relationship between corporate strategy and societal issues, and how both sides can profit from it.