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Environmental Economics: And Natural Resource Management

Environmental Economics: And Natural Resource Management

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Environmental economics is well established as a field, and increasingly in demand as a course following the prominence of environmentally conscious leaders, the publicity of global environmental threats, and the growing debate over legislation that pitsthe environment against income and economic growth. Author David Anderson offers a comprehensive, applied, policy-oriented text to provide students with a solid economic foundation that will allow them to better evaluate the pressing environmental issues. Environmental Economics is designed for the undergraduate course for economic majors or non-majors who have had a principles of microeconomics course. The mathematics in the text is algebra-based. This text is distinguished from others by the strongvisual presentation, tightly crafted explanations, and carefully selected examples that spark interest without sacrificing content. Also unique to this text, Anderson emphasizes the role of ethics in a chapter on morals and motivation, and presents key aspects of related decision-making throughout.