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The Anticompetitive Impact of Regulation

The Anticompetitive Impact of Regulation

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This timely book addresses the important issue of the negative effects of anticompetitive regulation on industry and the massive economic harm it causes. The distinguished contributors, including economic and legal scholars, advocate the need for a review of all anticompetitive laws and address several industry and country case studies with the ultimate aim of providing recommendations to eliminate the impact of anticompetitive regulation.

The first part of the book considers regulations affecting private business and professions, part two covers public utility and public services regulation, while part three discusses the role of institutions and competition authorities in relation to anticompetitive practices. The authors draft guidelines, based oneconomic evidence and legal arguments, which would provide a starting point for the European Union to address the problem. They go on to propose possible implementation strategies for these guidelines from both an institutional and legal perspective. Thebook also includes a historical perspective on the evolution of anticompetitive regulation complemented by an overview of the actions currently being implemented to address and reverse the problem in other jurisdictions.

Although primarily designed to aid and assist policymakers, the multidisciplinary perspective adopted by the book means it will also become an essential companion for economists, lawyers and academics whose interests lie in the areas of regulation, deregulation and liberalization.