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The Atomic Corporation: A Rational Proposal for Uncertain Times

The Atomic Corporation: A Rational Proposal for Uncertain Times

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Picking up where Ernst and Young's last blockbuster Blur leaves off, this book creates a radical manifesto for the future of organisations. In the Atomic Corporation Roger Camrass and Martin Farncombe examine the radical changes that are going to sweep across the global economy in the next decade.

The authors argue that the major asset of any corporation is the many relationships it has developed over its trading life. The trend must be away from tangible assets and into 'intangibles' based on relational capital. In a connected world a corporation is measured by the sum of its relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and employees, and not its traditional asset values.

So what does this mean for organizations? Camrass and Farncombe demonstrate that corporations will atomize into core components based around key relationships with all non-core operations devolved to external networks. Instead of being focused on financial assets, the primary unit of corporate value will be the individual, both as customer and employee. This radical viewpoint has far-reaching consequences for organizational shape, market dynamics and capital structure as well as for our careers.

The Atomic Corporation provides a blueprint for our companies and working lives and demonstrates how these new models will unlock new corporate and personal wealth.