Natural Gas & Electric Industries Analysis (2002) (Natural Gas and Electric Power Industries Analysis)

Natural Gas & Electric Industries Analysis (2002) (Natural Gas and Electric Power Industries Analysis)

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"Natural Gas and Electric Power Industries Analysis (2002" is a new series that is a broadening of the award-winning "Natural Gas Industry Analysis" series. All private analyses in "Natural Gas and Electric Power Industries Analysis (2002)" are totally new and unpublished—no "updates."

Today, wildly gyrating prices for power nationwide and major bankruptcies in these industries are leading to power interruption, scandal, and investor panic. In this environment, this book of 24 linked chapters and appendices by 32 recognized experts should interest anybody who turns on a light or who tries to save and invest. Thousands of facts and analyses here will help the reader reduce risk, save money on gas and power purchases and production, and invest wisely in these industries.

Readership includes environmentalists; attorneys; gas and power executives, analysts, buyers, and suppliers; federal, state, and local regulators; economists; financial analysts; activists of many stripes; and others.

Usable by beginners as well as experts—includes primers for both gas and electric and extensive glossary.

The book’s content reflects its usability.

• Part One shows the direction the industries are heading and should be usable by strategists, investors, and those interested in oversight of the industries.

• Part Two shows new technological and risk-management capabilities that should be of interest to the first group as well as those looking for more secure fuel supply and prices.

• Part Three, concerning international opportunities in gas and electricity, should be of use to all who live or work in Europe, Latin America, or adjacent areas, or who invest there or plan to.

• Parts Four, Five, and Seven comprise eight chapters (about half of the book) that deal with federal and state oversight of these industries. These considerations are indispensable for profitable strategies and direction of investments, and safe fuel choices.

• Part Six looks at the continuing impact of the 1991 California fuel crisis and the 1992 Enron bankruptcy. This should be useful to those wishing to expand their activities profitably or to ensure that their gas and power source decisions are safe and profitable.