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Towards A Free Society

Towards A Free Society

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Towards a Free Society provides an introduction to how the market system works, why this economic system provides the highest standard of living for the poor, and why it is the only economic system consistent with individual liberty. The first part of the book describes the market process, including the importance of profits in a fair distribution of income and economic growth. It then discusses the role of government in society, what makes for a just government, and what the structure of government mustlook like in order to achieve societal wealth and individual freedom. This is followed by a brief discussion of the economic history of the West, and why the West and societies that followed the West’s economic structure became far wealthier than the rest of the world. The final sections provide a general overview of macroeconomics and an outlook for the future. Gary Wolfram is an economics professor at a prestigious teaching college who has served in the executive and legislative branches of state government and as chief of staff to a Congressman.