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The New New Economy

The New New Economy

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No matter how many paradigms, buzzwords, and empty slogans the average business book reader may have picked up now that his cheese has been moved, the only way he can truly survive is to keep his sense of humor . . . not to mention finding a new piece of cheese. And no one knows this better than Tim McEachern and Chris O'Brien.

Now, in this hilarious parody of every business tome that hasn't already been "blown to bits", these two founders and former co-hosts of the wonderfully wacky (and incredibly popular) "Geek Nation" radio show are going to tell readers everything they don't really need to know about thriving in the post-old economic environment. And have some fun while they're doing it.

Filled with humorous footnotes, "Scenes from the Future," and fake but hilarious interviews, The New New Economy tells readers how to institute a placebo payroll, exactly what a sigma is, and why everyone should have six of them.

So get ready to hop on board the clue train. This is the "pick-up, read-through, drop-in-the-bathtub, give-to-a-friend, then-demand-it-back and threaten-to-sue" book of the new new millennium.