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The Sustainability of Long-term Growth: Socioeconomic and Ecological Perspectives

The Sustainability of Long-term Growth: Socioeconomic and Ecological Perspectives

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The Sustainability of Long-term Growth is a comprehensive review of the links between sustainable development and long-term growth. This state-of-the-art book develops our understanding of the complex issues that will shape sustainable development strategies in the twenty-first century - economic growth, poverty eradication, environmental protection, social inclusion and good governance.

Sustainable development is analyzed in terms of its economic, social and environmental dimensions. The authors argue that material-intensive conventional economic growth is unsustainable in the long-term, unless environmental and social elements are given equal priority. Leading experts critically discuss important topics including durability versus optimality of development, globalization, dematerialization of production and consumption, alternative lifestyles, green national income accounting and environmental valuation, eco-development, the growing North-South development gap, environment and trade policy and theequitable distribution of assets within and among nations.

The coverage ranges from comprehensive analytical models to practical case study applications, ensuring this will be essential reading for policy analysts and researchers as well as academics involved in economic growth, environmental economics and sustainable development.