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Research in Economic History, Volume 18

Research in Economic History, Volume 18

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Hardbound. Volume 18 of Research in Economic History contains six contributions, evenly divided between British and U.S. topics. The first discusses the use of the Charity Commission Reports as a new source for the study of British economic history. These data challenge received wisdom on crowding out during the Napoleonic Wars, the contributions of enclosures to agricultural productivity, and the role of the Glorious Revolution in establishing secure property rights. The second study revisits the more than century old debate about whether nineteenth century industrialization in Britain worsened or improved conditions for child labor. Data from the Parliamentary Papers and the censuses of 1841, 1851 and 1871 confirm high labor force participation rates for older (but not younger) children, particularly in textiles. The third paper investigates the impact of fluctuations in the weather on agricultural output in Britain, and consequently on the lev