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Globalisation for Sale

Globalisation for Sale

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Money has been an important part of modernity ever since it was exchanged for goods centuries ago. The evolution of systematically standardized monetized exchanges expedited trade between localities across space, standardized exchanges over time, and transformed work into wage labor. Money also generated the possibilities for specialization which were not possible under a system of barter, and solidified the emergence and development of the modern epoch. The contemporary changes in monetised exchanges, such as the electrification and globalization of monetary processes and financial markets, are unequivocal indicators of contemporary globalization. They are also some of the most important, and far-reaching, social changes of our time. Understanding and managing global financial flows and their impact of social spaces and people, is one of the most complex and difficult tasks facing politicians and social theorists today. Helping to meet the challenges posed by these changes, this important volume focuseson three questions central to the interplay between globalization, valorization and marginalization.