Improv Yourself: Business Spontaneity at the Speed of Thought

Improv Yourself: Business Spontaneity at the Speed of Thought

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Praise for Improv Yourself

"The use of improvisation skills in the corporate world teaches executives to listen to audiences more closely, focus on issues at hand, understand audiences, who they are and what they need–and, of course, improv allows you to do this quicker. Joe Keefe’s Improv Yourself teaches you how to develop those skills.
–John Bace, Vice President, Director of Research & Knowledge Assets, Gartner, Inc.

"Joe knows more about the business of being funny for business than anyone in the business."
–Tim Kazurinsky, Screenwriter, About Last Night

"Joe is an impressive blend of creativity and business acumen. Who knew those two could actually exist together? Look for his approach to create a revolution of improv innovations where they are needed most–in today’s business environment."
–Laura Caraccioli-Davis, Starcom Entertainment

"Using improv and humor to communicate in the business world is effective and powerful. No one knows how to do this better than Joe Keefe."
–Tom Farley, The Chris Farley Foundation

"This is the best work on improv since my book–Truth in Comedy."
–Charna Halpern, Producer/Cofounder, ImprovOlympic

"Comedy is a science, and Joe Keefe is its Einstein. If you’re serious about the business of comedy, Joe Keefe is your man."
–Eric Scholl, Assistant Chairperson, Television Department, Columbia College, Chicago

"Joe is the leader in his industry–although what that industry is I’m not quite sure. This book represents Joe’s theoretical and practical applications of his art. This art is desperately needed in today’s corporate environment. Read, learn, then practice what he’s preaching."
–Tom S. C. Weeks, Starcom Entertainment

"Joe Keefe may not have invented corporate comedy, but he perfected it. He brings the funny and understands the money."
–Tom Purcell, TV Producer