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Country Careers: Successful Ways to Live and Work in the Country

Country Careers: Successful Ways to Live and Work in the Country

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An indispensable guide to making your dream of living and working in the country come true… Country Careers Successful Ways to Live and Work in the Country "For the millions of professional people who dream of giving up their fast-track urban jobs and moving to greener, more relaxed places and pursuing more fulfilling careers, this book should be required reading." —John Herbers, author The New Heartland: America’s Flight Beyond the Suburbs and How It Is Changing Our Future "From fish farming to mail-order marketing, the wide range of real-life case studies detailed in this book offer would-be urban transplants both the inspiration and practical pointers needed to make the move successfully." —Steven Bliss, Editorial Director The Journal of Light Construction, published in Northern Vermont "Stop working on your job, and start working on your life—that’s the message in Jerry Germer’s book. It’s a message that should be heard by everyone who’s fed up and burnt out. If you’re looking for greener pastures—literally and figuratively—then you must read Country Careers." —Gil E. Gordon Gil Gordon Associates, Management Consulting Services Is getting out of the rat race really possible? Just ask the former stockbroker who now raises ostriches in Texas or the onetime L. A. divorcée who manages a nanny network in Montana. These are just a few of the business professionals you’ll meet in Country Careers, the complete guide for anyone who’s determined to abandon the urban maelstrom for small town life—and make a profit from it! Country Careers explores the entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for professionals who want to work and live in small towns and rural areas. In addition to its inspiring stories of people who have made the transition smoothly and successfully, this lively book includes all the practical information you’ll need to turn your dreams of moving to the country into economic reality:
  • Offers dozens of tips on starting a variety of country careers, from operating a bed and breakfast to performing complex market research
  • Provides a framework for making the decision to relocate based on personality, skills, experience, and potential locations
  • Explores options like telecommuting, local employment, starting or buying an existing business
  • Includes fact-finding worksheets for use at all stages and an appendix listing sources of additional help