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How Families Work Together

How Families Work Together

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How Families Work Together emphasizes how to build * positive and constructive family relations by learning to make the * characteristics and dynamics of family life work for you. Dr. Mary * Whiteside of the Ann Arbor Center for the Family, a * nationally-recognized family systems psychologist, joins * Drs. Aronoff and Ward in this volume. This guide will help you: * understand how family history affects current behavior; tap family * heritage to accomplish shared goals; interpret trouble signs in* family/business relations; learn to use powerful tools to improve * personal/business relationships among family members; construct * family genograms and use them to understand and smooth * family/working relations; render family conflicts more manageable * and less painful; break harmful or painful patterns of family * behavior; make family ownership a business asset; and much more... * How Families Work Together will help to untie knots in the fabric of * the family. It shows how to focus family energy on moving forward * together toward shared goals, emphasizing psychological health in * family systems.