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The Superman Complex: Achieving the Balance That Leads to True Success

The Superman Complex: Achieving the Balance That Leads to True Success

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In 1988, the editors of Inc. magazine came across a story so compelling it had to be published. The story was Max Carey - super-successful entrepreneur, combat pilot, football star - and it told how he, victimized by what he called "the superman complex," pushed himself beyond the breaking point, then put his life back together again. Now Max Carey has expanded his story into an emotional page-turner, combining the best of narrative nonfiction and business/self. Starting from his own experience and that of famous (and everyday) people he has known or observed, Carey argues that the superman complex consists of six attitudes: you can do it all; you know it all; the job is all-important; you can do it alone; you control everything; and you will come in first. Carey's story vividly illustrates that, if not brought into balance, these tendencies can lead to personal and professional disaster. Insightful and timely, the book tells with uncommon humor and openness how to acknowledge the superman complex, overcome it, and keep life and achievement in balance, thereby finding real success. Filled with engaging checklists, quizzes, and sidebars, the book is guaranteed to appeal to everyone looking to be happier and more productive in the reengineered workplace and in their personal lives. Max Carey is chairman of CRD, a marketing consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia.