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Executive's Guide to Personal Security

Executive's Guide to Personal Security

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Praise for Executive’s Guide To Personal Security

"David Katz and Ilan Caspi provide the reader with extremely critical and practical advice on how to increase personal safety and security. They recognize that government can’t do it all and that the private sector and ordinary individuals must play a vital role in ensuring our collective well-being."
––Jeff Schlanger, Chief Operating Officer—Security Services Group, Kroll Inc.

"The security needs of the corporate world have changed dramatically since 9/11. In addition to the traditional concerns of pilferage and stolen property, there are new problems to face. The Executive’s Guide to Personal Security provides the necessary information to help solve those problems and covers all aspects of personal and corporate security including situational awareness, hotel and room selection, countersurveillance, physical and technical security systems, emergency planning, risk and crisis management, terrorism, andlocal criminal hazards, to name but a few. Whether you are a business traveler wishing to enhance your level of personal security while abroad or a corporate manager tasked with developing strategies to combat the risk of attack, this book is an invaluable tool."
––Paul Lunt, Vice President, Asset Protection and Risk Management, Foot Locker Inc.

"Katz and Caspi’s writing is a must-read for every domestic and international business executive and corporate security department head; recent national security issues have filtered down to the corporate level. This book sets down the parameters of what Corporate America must do in the new world order."
––Arman H. Yurt, Private Security Consultant, former Interpol officer and Principal of Global Protection Services of New York