The Success Traps: The 7 Fatal Traps on the Journey to Success

The Success Traps: The 7 Fatal Traps on the Journey to Success

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"One of the most powerful guides to personal and business Success ever written ... absolutely real world, to-the-point, insightful and humorous. Simply not to be missed!"

Tim McMahon is a highly sought after international business speaker and motivator who really knows something about personal and business Success -- not the get-rich-quick kind but the hard-earned success that comes from working every day and keeping focused on getting the very best from life. The Success Traps is about the 7 Fatal Traps that are so easy to fall into and that keep us from achieving everything we want. It's a wonderful blend of stories, anecdotes, and powerful ideas combined with Tim's 'success photography' from around the world that makes The Success Traps abook to read -- and re-read -- and read again!

Recent Reviews:

'I couldn't stop reading until I got to the end! The blend of personal anecdotes and wonderful photography is terrific. Tim captures the essence of a concept that for many of us can be more elusive than Bigfoot!' -- Pat Dunstan, The Virginian-Pilot

'Inspirational, thought-provoking, and down-to-earth. Tim combines real savvy with humor and common sense. The result is a great approach to how achieving success really works!' -- Mary Molloy, co-author of 'The Buck Starts Here'.

'A wonderful, inspiring read. I recommend to to anyone - not only to read but to keep close by for reference and inspiration!' -- Tom Conley, Steel Service Centers Institute

'Tim continues to prove that Success is a journey and you better learn along the way. Sure to be a best seller!' -- Vance Pool, Blue Circle Industries