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Career Patterns: A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities, Second Edition

Career Patterns: A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities, Second Edition

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Preparing career enthusiasts for the reality of today's workplace by providing practical tools and methods necessary for self-direction and success, this indispensable book offers effective methods to help plan for an uncertain future, as well as develop skills for lifetime career planning. Actively involving users in the career planning process, it discusses the need for a flexible career plan that can adapt to changes in technology, organizational structure, and global economics, and demonstrates thatas new skills are acquired through learning and experience, career options are increased. Drawing on the authors' extensive experience as corporate trainers, workshop facilitators, and college instructors, it offers a unique combination of perspectives and real world experience to help readers prepare for their future, capitalize on opportunities that come their way, and ensure that an education they invest in today will continue to add value and increase their future work options. KEY TOPICS Chapter topics discuss how to discover and build on your interests, marketing yourself, writing an effective resume, professional networking, and more. For anyone looking for a job, and anyone trying to turn a job into a career.