Fourth Generation R&D: Managing Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation

Fourth Generation R&D: Managing Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation

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"A sweeping and insightful analysis of an architecture for innovation in the knowledge economy. Technologists, strategists, and organizational architects will all find this book worth reading, as will students of the modern organization."

John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation

"The new realities of competition beg a new approach to innovation and R&D; Fourth Generation R&D answers that challenge. With lucid arguments and detailed case studies, Fourth Generation R&D sketches a powerful new paradigm for planning and managing innovation. Every manager concerned with innovation and its role as a strategic resource - that's to say, every manager - will profit from this new understanding."

Lawrence Wilkinson, President, Global Business Network

"Fourth Generation R&D is a tour de force. Its sweep, depth, and use of graphics are all truly remarkable (not to mention its command of the literature on innovation). The distinctions it draws between continuous and discontinuous innovation - and between tacit and explicit knowledge - are fundamental."

John Yochelson, President, The Council on Competitiveness