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21st Century Corporate Board

21st Century Corporate Board

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The Lowdown on the Hottest Trends in Corporate Goverance—A Complete Blueprint for Tomorrow’s Corporate Board Member Regulations, economics, shareholders, court battles—these factors have transformed the corporate board into a powerful, independent force in business. Now boardroom expert Ralph Ward deconstructs the "how and why" of this remarkable phenomenon, and offers a comprehensive, trenchant analysis of the tough issues which the 21st Century Corporate Board will bring to the table. You’ll find in-depth coverage of all of the leading topics in board makeup, pay, training, operations, and organization, including:
  • How the "new directors" will change the corporate equation—women, inorities, entrepreneurs, executives belowthe CEO level, and others
  • The move toward increased professionalism, including director certification, accountability, and more
  • The hidden minefield of stakeholder concerns, from employees to local communities
  • The pros and cons of paying corporate directors in stock—do we really want directors who are major shareholders?
  • Future regulations from the SEC, IRS, and major stock exchanges—gearing up for compliance
  • The growing power of board committees, and what this means for the board as a whole
  • The coming struggle among shareholder groups to set the board agenda
  • The new corporate balancing act for directors—independent, but involved; powerful, but responsive; focusing on the short term, but keeping a long-term view