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Market Power and Business Strategy

Market Power and Business Strategy

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Dr. Morris argues that through its Western mode of thought, a philosophy of separation, the U.S. is losing its edge in worldwide business competition. "Separating" is "pluralistic," says Morris, while the Eastern mode of thought is "unitary"--it seeks tocombine. Morris maintains that in business, the Eastern way of thinking is winning. He thus calls for U.S. corporations to combine their various "functions" and simplify them, to develop what he terms a "common operating system" that can successfully achieve "market power," a way to block existing and potential competitors from access to targeted markets. It means adopting what for U.S. business is an entirely new way of thinking, and out of this develop a new approach to business strategy formulation. How this can be done, how the various "functions" of the organization can be linked into a non-linear, unitary structure, and why this must be done, is Dr. Morris's theme. A unique, innovative, ultimately pragmatic discussion for corporate executives throughout the organization, and new food for thought throughout academia.