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Benchmarking Workbook: With Examples and Ready-Made Forms

Benchmarking Workbook: With Examples and Ready-Made Forms

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The Benchmarking Workbook will do exactly what the title suggests — make it easier for you to put theory into practice. It is a "do-it-yourself" guide to benchmarking. Benchmarking methods are simple, easy to grasp, and universal — everyone cando it! But many people suffer from unclear frames of reference, impossible deadlines, inadequate budgets, unexplained expectations; even when these obstacles are overcome, the greatest danger is becoming swamped by detail. This is where the Benchmarking Workbook will prove to be a major ally. If you are on a benchmarking team, you will find that this workbook is a tool to help get at the practical aspects; aspects with which books of theory just cannot cope. It includes
  • examples from actual cases
  • self-diagnostic "what to do" sections
  • forms, checklists and questionnaires
The Benchmarking Workbook helps you
  • organize your research
  • clarify your thinking
  • prioritize your findings
The Benchmarking Workbook has been developed byKarlöf and Partners. It is the practical companion to the original book Benchmarking: A Signpost to Excellence in Quality and Productivity by Bengt Karlöf and Svante Östblom, published by John Wiley & Sons.