Breaking the Rules, Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance

Breaking the Rules, Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance

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Breaking the Rules is both an intensely personal self-improvement book and a business management book. On the self-improvement side it is a personal guide for discovering what you are like at your very best and how to be that way more often. It offers a complete system of self-understanding based on the premise that being at your best is your natural state, and one you could be enjoying more often if you weren't doing so much to interfere with it. The author invites readers to join him in a discovery learning process that reveals how to stop interfering and learn to tap into and begin to work with the natural guidance that is readily available through your inner intuitive knowing.

A complete description is furnished for how real-time access toyour intuition can be easily achieved when your intuition is being supplied with properly framed questions.

Breaking the Rules proposes that:

1) Being at your best cannot occur until you gain real-time access to your intuition.

2) While it may be easier for women to access their intuition, it is actually men who have the more powerful intuitive capability. The real need is for both men and women to fully appreciate and make better use of this valuable strength.

3) The proper use of"what's right" questions is a far simpler and more effective way to solve problems than trying to figure out what's wrong and fix it.

4) All that we know about what it takes for an individual to be at his or her best must cross-apply to an organization or it cannot be considered valid.

5) All that we think must occur for an organization to be at its best must also be true for an individual at his or her best or it cannot be considered valid.

6) Our lives work best when they are lived in full alignment with our life's purpose. Unfortunately, less than five percent of the population is able to articulate their life's purpose.

7) Problems that occur in our lives are simply ways used by our inner self to let us know that we are out of alignment with our life's purpose.

On the business management side, the work presented in Breaking the Rules is the culmination of more than 20 years of inquiry, development and field testing around the question, "What causes commitment, in its healthiest, least stressful form?" The author's initial working premise was that if the thought process used by visionary leaders to achieve their high level of effectiveness could be truly understood, that understanding should offer an ideal model for allowingorganizations to achieve their own greatness. Breaking the Rules shows how this can now be demonstrated consistently in practice.