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Pbs Career Success/Pers Stress

Pbs Career Success/Pers Stress

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Career Success/Personal Stress begins from a refreshingly commonsense-but frequently overlooked-set of assumptions about stress: that stress is the rule nowadays, and is virtually wired-in to the majority of work environments; that the notion that stresscan be eliminated from one's routine is unrealistic; that stress can actually be used to advantage if properly managed; and that a stress-sensitive lifestyle is learnable. Building on these four cornerstones, stress specialists Leatz and Stolar offer a treasury of fascinating findings and high-payoff prescriptions including: How to perform a personalized stress check; How to recognize common physiological stress patterns and interpret common physiological reactions to stress; How to understand and cope with 12 major job stressors (many of which have only surfaced in the past 3 years); How to know if stress is affecting your sexual performance and what can be done about it; How to evaluate the mutual effects of stress, diet, and exercise; How to spot and cope with a wide array of stress-impacted symptoms and illnesses-from backaches, panic attacks, and dermatitis to teeth-grinding, sleeping problems, and sexual dysfunction, plus many others; How to make lifestyle changes that render stress manageable for positive results. In addition, the authors introduce the intriguing new concept of a Type C personality, as distinguished from the stress-vulnerable Type A and stress-avoider Type B personalities. Statistically validated through their own research, the Type C construct illustrates how real-world people who are already functioning successfully in the new environment do it-and it provides a model for the most desirable qualities and behaviors for optimal stress management.