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Special Privilege: How the Monetary Elite Benefit at Your Expense

Special Privilege: How the Monetary Elite Benefit at Your Expense

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The thesis of Special Privilege is that the government grants special privileges to the elite members of the financial sector of the economy that violate fundamental principles of both democracy and free enterprise. Because these special privileges pervert the free market, they must inevitably lead to a crash. Like a needle in the arm to a drug addict, special privileges can make things look temporarily better and, yet, guarantee an even worse future collapse. The book explores several potential bona fide reforms---each of which involves the removal, one way or another, of six categories of special privilege.

Jack Gargan, former Chairman of the Reform Party, retired financial planner, and, himself, an author of 5 financial books says of Special Privilege:"In a scholarly but easily readable style, Vincent LoCascio strips away all the technical mumbo-jumbo of the bankers' jargon and lays bare the awful truth about the American monetary system. When the inevitable and cataclysmic crack of the U.S. economy occurs, people will single out this book saying, 'Oh, if only we could have used this to awaken the American public to the devastating role the banking system would play in the destruction of our nation.' Sadly, for the very reason the author spells out, I am afraid we are doomed to experience the coming disaster like lemmings racing to the sea-cliffs, rather than to initiate the relatively simple solutions."