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Money Matters for Hospitality Managers

Money Matters for Hospitality Managers

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Unique in its approach, 'Money Matters for Hospitality Managers' is unlike other heavy theoretical accounting texts, using real life scenarios to show managers how it's done. Backed up by a range of exercises and activities, it thus allows managers to put their learning straight into practice - and so to achieve immediate results!

'Money Matters' will actively help managers and employees in the industry to:

· learn more about the control aspects in order to become more effective in their work
· learn about the business and companies in the wider context
· understand where their section of the organization fits in the 'bigger picture'
· increase their knowledge and enhance career opportunities

Covering an unprecedented range of sectors (including hotels, restaurants, contract catering, leisure tourism, cruise ships and theme parks), the book supplies useful advice for the whole hospitality industry. It is ideal for operational and first line management, for whom it provides a welcome, accessible and hands-on introduction to finance and accounting in their sector.

Contains up to date industry-based examples illustrating real-life scenarios
Demystifying and practical rationale - helping you to become a better manager
Endorsed by the Caterer and Hotelkeeper