What Queen Esther Knew : Business Stategies from a Biblical Sage

What Queen Esther Knew : Business Stategies from a Biblical Sage

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". . . practical strategies to help you become the queen you deserve to be."

The story of Queen Esther, the orphan girl who became Queen of Persia and saved her people, has inspired millions and is the focus of a joyful celebration of thanksgiving--but there's more to Esther's story than meets the eye. Connie Glaser and Barbara Steinberg Smalley found something remarkable--Esther's tale contains the ingredients every woman needs to succeed in the business world today.

From Esther's start as a contestant in the ancient world's largest beauty pageant to her triumph over the evil Haman, the authors use her example as a strategist, a risk-taker, and a persuasive speaker to provide a new archetype for contemporary women's success in business. Along the way, they answer questions such as:

- Do I really need a mentor, and if so, how do I find one?
- What can I do to be taken more seriously?
- How can I get the credit and recognition I deserve--without seeming pushy or aggressive?
- How important is risk-taking to my career success?

Smart, savvy, and strategic, Queen Esther provides an impressive role model for women today.