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More 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women

More 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women

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All New Business Ideas for Enterprising Women Who Want to Work at Home
With the right entrepreneurial spirit and know-how, you can join the millions of enterprising women who run their own businesses from home. Bestselling author and home-basedbusiness expert Priscilla Y. Huff guides you through the basics of starting your own business, from choosing the job that's right for you to writing a business plan. She then presents 101 innovative home-based opportunities centered on the hottest emerging business trends — health care, the environment, computers, personal services, food, and more!
Packed with ideas, tips, and hints, this informative resource provides advice on:
·Assessing the real start-up costs and potential income for each job
·Finding invaluable sources — from professional organizations and publications to Web sites
·Choosing the right experts to help you with your business
·Finding the tools, training, and skills you need to succeed
·Learning how to price your market
·Creating effective publicity and marketing, including Internet advertising
A home-based business can give you the flexibility, extra income, creativity, and independence you crave — this book gives you the resources to make your business venture a success!