On Course for Business : Women and Golf

On Course for Business : Women and Golf

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Praise for On Course for Business

"I have been playing golf for a long time. It is one of life’s greatest accomplishments as well as one of the great secrets to success. Women, for years, have been left out on purpose and a revolution needs tohappen for them to play in the golf game of life. On Course for Business: Women and Golf by Suzanne Woo is part of that revolution."
–Stedman Graham, Author, Educator, and Businessman

"In her new book, Suzanne Woo offers solid, accessible information not only for women executives who want to use golf as a tool to grow their businesses but also for new golfers looking for a trustworthy primer. No matter their skill level, women golfers will find this book a helpful resource that gives them a clear grasp of the basics, while at the same time promoting their enjoyment of the game."
–Leslie Day Craige, Editor in Chief, Golf for Women magazine

"Suzanne’s book has captured so well the many ways golf can enhance one’s life and career. It is so compatible with the mission and vision of the EWGA that it is a pleasure to offer it my endorsement."
–Sara L. Hume, Executive Director, Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA)

"This book is an indispensable guide for any woman who plays–or wants to play–golf with clients and colleagues. In a friendly and nonthreatening approach, Woo shares strategies that will motivate you to play for pleasure and possible business opportunities. It is trulyadvantageous for any professional to learn how to use the game of golf to give you insights on a person’s business style."
–William R. Hueffner, Vice President, Global Sales, National Car Rental