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Business and the Feminine Principle, The untapped resource

Business and the Feminine Principle, The untapped resource

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Business and the Feminine Principle: The Untapped Resource describes in lay persons' language the essence of the archetypal feminine and its potential for business. This book shows both women and men how the feminine principle works in human thought andbehavior and what it could mean for business if we gave the feminine principle the same kind of attention and support in the work place that we give to masculine consciousness.

Business and the Feminine Principle goes beyond the well-established conversation about the need for feminine attributes in business and invites both genders into an exciting new collaboration. By no means a critique of what is wrong with masculine perception and behavior in business, this book inspires new respect for the integrity of both masculine and feminine energy and their ability to co-create a viable future for all of us.

Helps readers understand the complimentary difference of the qualities of energy we identify as masculine and feminine.
Evokes self-observation in one's own masculine and feminine thinking process.