The Job/Family Challenge: A 9 to 5 Guide

The Job/Family Challenge: A 9 to 5 Guide

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"This pathbreaking book deserves a place on every working parent's shelf—and active reading by the corporate managers who employ them. It provides helpful guidance to people dealing with today's most significant relationships and responsibilities. This is more than a handbook; it is a guide to the enlightened workplace of the future, one that puts people and families first." —Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School, author of When Giants Learn to Dance and Men and Women of the Corporation

"There is a lot of discussion today about 'family values,' but Ellen Bravo's book is a practical guide to advancing them in the midst of the real world of work." —The Reverend Jesse Jackson, founder and president, National Rainbow Coalition

"Ellen Bravo continues to fight for our right to happily have a family and employment. She clearly and simply maps out solutions which will assist any traveler lost on the road to managing work and family conflicts." —Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder (D-CO), sponsor of the Family and Medical Leave Act and author of Champion of the Great American Family

The people at 9to5 understand the issues that come with having both a full-time job and family responsibilities. For over twenty years, 9to5 has been a leading advocate for working people. Now they provide you with candid, practical advice for easing the burden of conflicting demands—including how to get help from your employer, family, public officials, and unions.