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Everybody's Business

Everybody's Business

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Delivering a wealth of compelling data on global change, this is the perfect book for learning how to manage risk and opportunity in today's global society.

Everybody's Business provides compelling evidence to show how revolutionary change across theglobe -- in technology, markets, demographics, and popular values -- is impacting on companies. It highlights rising expectations from key stakeholders, who demand transparency and accountability throughout a product's lifecycle and along extended supplychains. The job of a manager is this fast-moving business environment is both exhilarating and perilous, as companies remain largely unprepared for the effect on their operations. Everybody's Business is vital for anyone who wants to understand and successfully manage these challenges. The book demonstrates how significant business risks and opportunities are created as crucial management issues emerge in the areas of ecology and environment, health and well being, diversity and human rights, and communities. It shows how these issues, previously regarded as marginal to success, are now at the forefront of business, and guides the manger through the implications for their organization -- for business strategy, for major job functions, for different industry sectors, and for those running small and medium-sized companies. A practical handbook, Everybody's Business brings theory to life with examples of companies that recognize the importance of the emerging management issues and plan accordingly, and companies who count the cost of failing to do so. The final section includes a seven-step process for minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities, giving mangers the expertise to make positive changes in business that can also impact beneficially on society.