Building Corporate Culture in the Connected Workplace Building Corporate Culture in the Connected Workplace

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Praise for "What a simple, yet profound, understanding of culture! This is a wise, practical and important guide in navigating today's 'dot com' whitewater world." - Dr. Stephen R. Covey, the author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People "At last someone has paid attention to that most powerful force called 'culture' at just the right time. As has always been the case, either we manage culture or it manages us. As we go deeper into this new world of bricks and clicks, it is imperativethat we rededicate ourselves to the creation and survival of exceptional business cultures." - Jim Hammock, CEO and Chairman, "Fast-paced and readable, combines examples from successful .com companies with practical tips to guide executives struggling to build lasting corporations in the virtual settings of the global economy. The authors are well ahead of most business school research." - David O. Porter, Professor of Management and former Dean, School of Management, University of Alaska, Fairbanks; Founding Director of the Idaho Department of Commerce "Competing in the e-business world requires companies to shape their corporate culture to implement their business strategies. The authors of have recognized this reality and provide practical tips, real-world stories, and smart guidance vital to executives, managers, and employees alike." - J.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Marriott International " is a much-needed, practical, and complete guide to help companies make the transition in today's workplace in order to survive and succeed. Focusing on the use of every individual's creative power, talents, and experience has been lacking, is needed, and this book shows the way." - John D. Baker, President, John D. Baker & Associates, and retired Vice President, Commercial, Mars, Inc. "With the speed and complexity of the business environment today, is a lighthouse beacon offering direction out of the fog and uncertainty. It provides all of us who arejourneying to new places a solid bearing and sage advice to chart a safe course." - Janice Wismer, Vice President, Human Resources, Canadian Tire Retail "No matter where you are in an organization, or who you work for, having a 'living' corporate culturein place that supports the values of what you believe in-and is demonstrated every day in your actions-is key to the degree of your success. It is the deciding factor between just succeeding, and being great. Developing and living those values that are at the core of your culture, is the challenge we all face. It requires continuous learning and change. can help you with this " - Bruce Freeman, Vice President and Information Officer, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway