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8 Lies of Teamwork

8 Lies of Teamwork

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It is written that, Teamwork is separate from the business … Leadership is shared … The team has primary responsibility for team success … There is no "I" in team … Teams make consensus decisions … Teamwork is about relationships… Teamwork requires more meetings … Teams do work. And these are lies, all lies!

8 Lies of Teamwork exposes the myths surrounding teamwork and the sources of organization resistance that often prevent teamwork from succeeding. It provides you with a tested and proven teamwork foundation you can use to set teams free to overachieve in your business. In a unique approach to the topic, every chapter opens with a brief fairy tale, in which the views of the "wonderful wizard" and "petty sorcerers" introduce concepts. The book debunks much of what passes for team training. It teaches you the tools "petty sorcerers" use to undermine teamwork. It exposes the lies of teamwork, and lays them bare. For each teamwork lie, the author offers a corresponding truth and guidance on how to successfully implement teamwork. Illustrative examples are drawn from interviews with over 100 CEO’s and middle managers and from the author’s 18 years experience as a management consultant.