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Personal Empowerment: Fire Engineering

Personal Empowerment: Fire Engineering

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No matter what race, gender, or other sociocultural group we are born into, we all have one thing in common: our humanity. From this common ground we can begin to establish and work toward common goals. This book is a frank discussion on the leadership and interpersonal relationship problems within fire departments, but can be used by anyone working to unify a group. Real-life situations are presented in order to provide the readers with some proven methods to resolve leadership, motivational, racial, and gender diversity problems. The techniques presented will serve the organization’s goals as well as the needs of the individual members. The idea is that when both the organization’s goals and the individual’s needs are met, productivity is increased.

In This Book Readers Will:

• Recognize the importance of effective human relations in achieving the organization’s goals

• Be able to identify the elements of effective leadership

• Learn no-fault solutionsto diversity issues

• Have an understanding of the human endowments and the important role these endowments play in achieving successful results

• Construct personal and organizational mission statements that will serve as the basis forproactively meeting both personal and professional objectives

• Discover that if the organization does not empower its members then it is entrapping them