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Work-Based Learning: The New Frontier of Management Development

Work-Based Learning: The New Frontier of Management Development

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This guide introduces the unique but very practical approach to "work-based learning" that recognizes worksites as acceptable locations for learning. It offers managers, faced with the relentless pace of pervasive change, an opportunity to overcome timepressures by reflecting upon and learning from the artistry of their own action. Downsizing, transient workforce, and competitive, fast-paced environments make quick response and adjustment to organizational change a necessity. This book aims to bring organizational learning out of the classroom and back into the most natural place for it to occur: at work. Integrating a vast array of action and reflection strategies, this comprehensive approach covers topics of reflective practices, collective learning, and the facilitation, management, and evaluation of work-based learning. This trade reference would be of interest to any executive educators, whatever function they may occupy in their organization, who are concerned about promoting and delivering training and development services within their organizations. Secondly, the book would be of general value to any manager who wants and need to learn while doing. It can also be used as a supplement in training programs or reading resources for any professional who wishes to consider making a transition into management and needs a practical way to learn the related skills and leadership.