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The Power of Minds at Work: Organizational Intelligence in Action

The Power of Minds at Work: Organizational Intelligence in Action

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A company may be filled with geniuses, but if it can't harness its collective brain power, it will likely veer toward organizational incapacity. All too often, as evidenced most notably by the ongoing epidemic of corporate woes, an organization's combined intelligence falls well short of the sum of its parts. With The Power Of Minds at Work, Karl Albrecht sounds the call for a return to sanity-for building enterprises that channel individual and team potential into organizational intelligence, or "OI." Only then will organizations be able to eliminate "collective stupidity" and cope with a turbulent environment and a bewildering future

Backed by the author's 25 years of experience as a consultant to businesses all over the world, the book's message is blunt: We've got to make our organizations a lot smarter. As instructive as he is critical, Albrecht challenges leaders at all levels to learn and apply his seven dimensions of organizational intelligence. The result is a blueprint for a smarter enterprise. "Sanity is inevitable," says an optimistic Albrecht. "Human beings will do the right thing-after they've tried everything else. We have what it takes to build intelligent organizations. Let's get on with the job."