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The New Managerial Mentor: Becoming a Learning Leader to Build Communities of Purpose

The New Managerial Mentor: Becoming a Learning Leader to Build Communities of Purpose

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Expanding opportunities for learning, as well as the choices involved in learning, are a part of our national agenda, a focus of families with children, and a core mission of businesses committed to building learning organizations. From the digital eliteof Silicon Valley to innovative school districts around the country, organizations are becoming catalysts for new ideas and processes that widen the circle of opportunity for lifelong learning.

The New Managerial Mentor provides the tools and guidance to make learning happen through supportive, interdependent, and collaborative mentoring relationships. With state-of-the-art assessment tools, case studies, and practical examples of collaborative mentoring in action, Patricia Fritts shows how to masterthe four key competencies of the new learning leader and how to balance the conflicting roles of facilitator, producer, innovator, and integrator.

Fritts demonstrates that effective mentoring is no longer a teacher-learner relationship but rather a collaborative learning experience based on connection and mutual influence. Her book is a chart for navigating a course between leading and learning that focuses on the reality of the past alongside the limitless possibilities of the future. Drawing on stories from health care, insurance, banking, and other industries, The New Managerial Mentor shows how individuals and organizations are developing workplaces that celebrate partnership learning, positioning themselves for growth and prosperity in the future, and advancing a more stable and fulfilling world of work.