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Making It Happen: Stories from Inside the New Workplace

Making It Happen: Stories from Inside the New Workplace

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Every workday, individuals and organizations accumulate hard-earned experience as they introduce organizational learning in a multitude of settings. Making It Happen is a collection of vital accounts by these pioneers--real people who are wrestling with the unvarnished circumstances of real organizations. Get the view from the inside as Shell Oil, Ford, Chrysler, and Philips Display Components work to launch large-scale change. Learn from an over-the-shoulder look at how Arthur Andersen, the U.S. Navy, and Kellogg, Brown & Root meet a range of business challenges by using organizational learning tools. See how EDS, along with educational and non-profit organizations, transform their workplace cultures through a focus on developing people. Though the situations and approaches are myriad, the contributors share a passion to help their organizations become more effective and humane workplaces. Making It Happen reveals the extraordinary depth and power of organizational learning tools and methods through inspiring eyewitness accounts of transformation efforts.