The 10 Lenses: Your Guide to Living & Working in a Multicultural World

The 10 Lenses: Your Guide to Living & Working in a Multicultural World

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A helpful tool to help us understand the "lenses" through which we view others, in the workplace and society.

 A powerful new resource for leading and unifying culturally diverse organizations and communities

 Author Mark Williamsis already in high demand as a speaker and presenter of the groundbreaking live multimedia event based on the Lenses concept.

 United Nations International Day for Tolerance 2001 (November 16) will feature theme song, "One Song, Many Voices" and dialogues based on book with civic, faith, government, business and education leaders broadcast via satellite.

 Includes new Gallup racial-perceptions assessment and national survey on bias and racism in America. Personal assessments available through a code in the book linked to Diversity Channel Web site - an online multimedia educational and training resource for organizations and corporations

 Feature on Diversity Week in Review, a new half-hour Web cast program

How do you view the world and others you work with, live with, pass on the street? Are you an Assimilationist who believes that everyone should just become a regular American? A Culturalcentrist who believes that a person's race or ethnicity is central to their personal and public identity? A Meritocratist who believes that if you have the abilities and work hard enough, you can make your dreams come true regardless of race or culture? Or are you a Victim/Caretaker who believes that because of prejudice, you willnever succeed? Are you Colorblind, believing that we are all the same under our skin? These are just five of the ten "lenses" leading business consultant Mark Williams has developed to profile how people "view" race, culture and ethnicity in their world

For corporations, civic institutions, individuals --these ten lenses provide easily accessible and recognizable profiles of people's belief systems that affect how they interact with others in the workplace and in society.

One Song, Many Voices introduces the 11th lens. The 11th lens joins the highest expression of each of the 10 lenses in harmony and strives to govern our community and organizational behavior in accordance with this higher framework. Working from the 11th lens, we can practice responsible life actions that make businesses, communities and societies stronger.